Old Testament Survey II – OTS 102

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A general survey of the Old Testament, highlighting its organization, overall themes, historical context, and major events, as well as keywords, names, and places mentioned in each book. Written over a span of more than one thousand years by numerous authors, the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament were written in a variety of literary genres and provide the reader with a clear description of who God is through his dealings with humanity and the nation of Israel.

Instructor: R. D. Rucker

Phone: (210) 639-9776

Email: RDRucker527@Outlook.com

Every week on Thu, Jan 12, 2023, until May 11, 2023 – Time: 06:30 PM Central Time 

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Course Objectives

Students who complete this course should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to identify the purpose and themes of the books of the OT
  2. Articulate the basic content of the OT as well as its message, theology, and teaching
  3. Be familiar with the broad outline of the historical and geographical context in which the OT was written (able to recognize/identify key people, places, events, and dates, as well as some key worldview differences between ancient times and today)    
  4. Understand the message, structure, and content of each OT book