All work is evaluated by the instructor according to the following symbols:

A- 95-100
B- 85-94
C- 75-84
D- 70-74


Due to the fact that this is a school and not a Bible class, regular attendance upon classes are absolutely necessary. Failure to attend regularly will result in loss of credit in that subject for that semester.


Recognizing that circumstances do arise at times to prevent attendance, each faculty member is permitted to excuse a student for only four (4) days total per semester. Absences totaling more than this numbers shall result in failure to receive credit for that course in that semester. If a student shows up 15 minutes late to class, the teacher has a right to mark a student absent. Four tardiness are equal to one (1) absence.


The above rule applies to late enrollment as well as to absences from the class after enrollment. Therefore, late enrollment is considered in student’s total of four (4) days total per semester. This is necessary since the student has missed a portion of the class lectures.


If registration fee is paid, and no classes are attended, to student may ask for total registration back, but give the institution two (2) days to process the request. If any portion of the class was attended, no matter the amount of minutes, the tuition payment will not be reimbursed.


During the Fall Semester, the institute will host our annual Dallas Bible Lectures and Revival in honor of the founder and rich heritage of the school. The Lectures and Revival are a part of the curriculum and are a requirement of each student. Current students must attend at least one day of the lectures and revival.


Examination Work
Written and oral examinations may be given by the professor at any time he chooses. However, one week shall be designed at the close of each semester for examinations in all subjects. All examinations must be taken in time specified by the professor.

Make-Up Exams
Failure to take the examinations at the designated time shall result in a zero for the examination and the failure in the subject unless an excuse acceptable to the professor is submitted to him and the date set by him for the make-up examination. This examination shall be taken within (2) weeks of the time designated for the original examination. In case a student shall fail to make a grade of 70 on any exam, the professor may, if he thinks it advisable, given the opportunity to take the examination a second time within two (2) weeks, but the first exam will be taken into account for the final semester grade. No further make-ups shall be permitted. If the student fails the examination on the second attempt, the subject must be taken over.

It is the desire of all concerned that the spiritual life of the school be of the highest order. The chief concern is to graduate students who are well-prepared. All students are credited with being Christians and are put on their honor in examinations. No answers, books or Bibles shall be used on examinations except as permitted by the announcement of the professor.